Little E’s First Pony Ride

When we visited Elveden Forest Center Parcs in May we discovered that they now offer Pony rides so we booked one for Ethan. Little E was eight weeks away from turning two which meant she wasn’t old enough to join him. To be honest at that time she was going through a phase of not wanting to try things unknown to her. So when we returned for the Winter Wonderland weekend I knew I wanted to book the pony rides again. I did have concerns about Little E’s reaction to this new adventure but I tried not to let it worry me too much.

To tackle this new experience with her we talked about the pony ride she was going to go on. Thankfully Little E had taken a bit of a shine to pony’s which helped. We decided the best thing to do was to let Ethan do everything first. Ethan had his hat put on first. Little E marched forward head held high waiting for her hat to be placed on her head. The fact that she loves hats could have also helped with this part of the pony ride. Ethan was taken to his pony and Little E waited to be taken to hers.

center parcs pony ride at elveden forest

Little E listened to everything that she was told to do and did everything that they asked of her. She loved being on that pony she stroked his mane and didn’t stop singing ‘Horsie, Horsie’. There was also actions to the songs that she sang for the pony. The pony ride lasted for at least fifteen minutes and Little E loved every minute of it.

I’m so glad that I didn’t let my fear of how Little E would react stop me from booking the pony ride for her. She was very keen to tell me the colour of her pony days after her pony ride. She even told the nursery about her pony ride. I might have set myself up for a very expensive future hobby.

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