Little E’s Growing Confidence

We haven’t really visited playgrounds with Little E as much as we did when Ethan was younger. This is partly because of our routine in the week, working around her groups and Ethan’s school but also because Ethan lost his confidence around other children. When we had the chance to visit earlier in the year Little E didn’t really know how to climb and we just placed her on the slide. Swings were also a no-no with her, and still are.

Whilst we were at Center Parcs we visited the playgrounds and after making sure Ethan was settled we let Little E out of her buggy. I couldn’t believe the change we saw in her. She climbed up the stairs, and went down the slides. She happily went through the tunnels and had no problem getting over the bridges.

She didn’t want any help and knew what to do, as always a very independent little lady. It was lovely to see this change in her, she was just brimming in confidence and was so happy playing.

The next big change we witnessed was in our own garden. We have two little tikes slides, one that is the correct size for her age and a bigger slide that we got for Ethan when he was four. Well of course she wanted to go on her brothers slide, I couldn’t watch and made sure Darren was there to support her.


She flew down the slide with such speed and bounced off of the bottom., of course she loved it!

I think she might become a thrill seeker like her brother!

4 thoughts on “Little E’s Growing Confidence”

  1. An imperfect mum (Catie)

    I can’t believe how much she has grown up, she really is a little lady now and her face when she did the slide herself was so cute. Lovely to see her growing in confidence.

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