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Our Siblings During February 2021

February 2021 brought with it another month of lock-down for our siblings. Bringing with it even more scooter walks but also some snow-filled walks. The snow was a fantastic break from our current normal and was the cause of much excitement.

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This month brought with it the February half-term. Darren had this week off as a holiday which helped. We were meant to catch up on our missed homeschooling but it turned into a bit of a lazy week. Something both he and the children clearly needed.

ethan little e standing snow snowy river

The last week of February has also brought with it a change in our sibling’s routine as Ethan was able to go back to school. Being at a SEN school he was able to attend school during this lockdown. Unfortunately, they could only offer places to Covid-19 frontline workers. His headteacher clearly feels he can now open the school up a bit more. They are starting to transition the children back into the classrooms.

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Ethan has found this hard to understand as Little E is still at home. It did cause him some upset and he got a bit tearful with his teacher. Thankfully he is OK now but his sleep is very unsettled at the moment. Well more so than normal!

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For Little E February 2021 has not only been full of scooter walks with her brother. It has also been a month of movies and playing games on the iPad. We have desperately tried to fit in her school work but it hasn’t been an easy task. I feel so guilty about this and I feel like I am letting her down. But it is hard juggling my demanding job and finding the time to complete her activities. She needs our support and we can’t just leave her to get on with it. As much as I’m glad she didn’t have to have zoom classes they might have been able to give her the support we all needed.

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  1. Awww…sometimes you need a lazy break in the schedule. So glad your family had one this week. The pictures of the kids in the snow are so good! Beautiful! Good luck to Ethan as he continues his transition back to in-person school!

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