Me & Mine October 2015

This month I’m a little late with our Me and Mine photos. Partly because our half term was very busy and when we should have taken our photos on Friday we were busy packing for a trip to Legoland. Secondly I was hoping that we would get the chance to take a family photo whilst at Legoland, if not our beloved sofa shots would be taken today.

Thankfully with the help of Grandma and Grandpa, who visited Legoland with us, they captured this months Me and Mine photo for us.


This month has been quite busy with school appointments. We have had a few meetings about Ethan and we even had a parents evening to attend. Ethan has done really well with the return to school but the last week before half term he really struggled with getting on the school bus. He really did need the break and I was looking forward to spending time with him out of the normal school routine. I was looking forward to the Halloween activities we had planned and Ethan started those with bringing a Minion Pumpkin home from school.

Little E really enjoyed having Ethan at home, she interacts with him in a way that we never could. This month Darren has been working weekend shifts so he has been able to attend Little E’s swimming lessons. It’s really nice that Darren’s shifts allow him to experience things with Little E that he never got the chance too with Ethan.

Darren’s shifts meant that we haven’t had much family time at the weekends but we have been able to potter about in the week. It has mostly been running errands and shopping but I did take advantage and had a girly Spa day whilst Darren looked after the children.

We enjoyed the half term together but did have to cancel some of our plans due to rain. Thankfully we had good weather for our Legoland trip this weekend. Both children enjoyed the time with their grandparents and Little E took full advantage of the extra hands to get out of her buggy as much as possible.

This month we have another busy month of appointments and I even have to make a trip into London.

dear beautiful

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