Pumpkin Carving – Halloween 2015

Pumpkin Carving – Halloween 2015

This is the third year running that we have carved pumpkins. We first starting pumpkin carving in 2013. We wanted to start a family tradition and give Ethan a visual for October and Halloween. I really wanted to find a pumpkin patch so that we could go and collect our pumpkins. I haven’t been able to find one near us. This meant that Tesco’s was where we headed to pick our pumpkins. It wasn’t the most glamorous location but we were able to find the perfect pumpkins.

ethan holding pumpkin
darren little e pumpkin

Ethan wasn’t really engaged with carving pumpkins with us this year. We had interrupted his Countdown viewing and letters are a lot more interesting than pumpkins!

I was able to get Ethan to draw an eye on one of the pumpkins for me but that was where his involvement came to an end. This left the job of pumpkin carving up to Darren. I really don’t like getting my hands dirty. The inside of the pumpkins can make your hands very sticky. Darren uses different utensils from around the kitchen to reduce his sticky hands.

ethan pumpkin carving

Darren took great care to follow the templates we had drawn on the pumpkins. I don’t think we made them too complicated for him. So here they are, Darren’s completed pumpkins for 2015. I think they turned out quite well.

jack o lantern

After the hit of our Minion Pumpkin friend, I think I’m going to look into pumpkin painting next year. I think this will mean that the children could be more involved in the whole pumpkin process. Little E is strill really too young to have been involved with the pumpkins this year. It would also mean sticky and mess-free pumpkin carving. I’m sure Darren won’t complain about that either. Roll on Halloween 2016, well not too quickly anyway!

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