Our Siblings During November 2016

This month I captured our siblings photo when we visited the Pumpkin Patch in the half term holiday.


The children had a lovely morning looking around and Little E had lots of fun running all over the place. I was able to capture this photo when they both sat down for a split second.

This month our siblings have enjoyed each others company, this was helped by the school holiday but it is clear that Little E misses her brother when he is at school. Ethan also automatically asks where his sister is as soon as he gets home from school.

Considering their sibling relationship has quite a few disadvantages due to Ethan’s lack of speech and understanding of how to really play, they do have some great shared moments. They both like to race around the house on their toddle bikes and hearing the giggles this causes is fantastic. Ethan is still a little rough when he decides to cuddle his sister but she puts up with it. At times this month she had even told me that this is dancing. I’m not sure how being pulled backwards onto the floor is dancing but I’m happy if she is happy!

It’s nice to see this tolerant side of Little E. I really hope this continues as she gets older as I’m sure being Ethan’s sister has the potential to come with its ups and downs. She does have her moments though, we hear her screams of frustration daily when Ethan has decided to snatch her toys off of her. I’m sure this is typical big brother behavior but she even moans at him if he is just near her favorite toy of the moment. Little E’s screams are now followed with her saying ‘Share’, her word of the moment.

So my days are spent managing my siblings and teaching them how to share. It will be a slow process but a great learning curve for them both.

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