Moving Isn’t an Option, Improving Our Home?

With the children getting older and our work life changing we find ourselves talking more about our home. We feel that we are starting to outgrow it and I need my own work space. Little E’s bedroom is also very small and I’m conscious of wanting to give her more space too. We started to look at our options, the first being moving. This is a very expensive option, especially when looking for our dream home. We love the position of our house and we have never found something to match that. With Little E also getting a place at our first choice school moving just isn’t something we want to do right now. This means we have started looking at was of improving our home.

moving isnt an option improving our home

Improving Our Home By Changing Its Appearance

I have a confession to make! I don’t really like our front door. Darren thinks I’m mad but you can get some really nice looking front doors now. Just by deciding to change our front door we could change the appearance of our whole house. A door with more windows could add more natural light into our hallway. We could also look at adding extra security features. I have found a Front Door Designer on Three Counties Windows and have enjoyed being able to play with all the different options. Now I just need to get Darren to agree that this is a perfect option for improving our home.

Improving Our Home By Adding Space

Our home has a very good stairwell and space on our landing for an extra set of stairs. This gives us the option of a loft conversion. A loft conversion would give us an extra bedroom. This would hopefully mean a bigger bedroom for Little E. I would then be able to use her old bedroom as my office space. There is a lot of research required with a loft conversion. We will need to find out how our roof was built to know if it is suitable for conversation. Planning permission would need to be granted. We would also need to find an architect and a builder. It’s quite a scary prospect. The results of the hard work would really improve our home and living space.

We have always toyed with the idea of adding a conservatory to our home. I also like the idea of adding a permanent extension to the back of our home. I love bifold doors as I think they can really enhance your home. If we had a permanent structure built then bifold doors would be an option for us. I have been looking at the options and discovered that there is a two door option available. This means that even without a new extension bifold doors could be an option for us.

There are quite a few options for improving our home. All of them will require research, possibly planning permission and lots of funds. I find the work involved quite a daunting prospect but the end result would make such a difference to our home. The amazing thing is all of the work required to improve our home could actually cost less than moving house. We would still be in the location we love with a lot more space.

DISCLOSURE – This post is in collaboration with Three Counties Windows and Direct Bifold Doors.

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