My Birthday Cake

This week we celebrated me getting another year older!

As we have no idea if Ethan understands what we talk about when referencing birthday’s, or anything we talk about really because of his lack of vocal response and communication we are trying to make more of an effort with our visual clues. 

This means if there is a birthday then there must be cake!

A wrapped gift would also be good but unfortunately Darren’s birthday is so close to Christmas he is normally owed a gift and this year I decided that I would rather have a day out as a family than a gift which led to us booking Disney On Ice tickets for next January. Lets just hope we all make this one! Ethan’s missed Disney On Ice experience is still to be blogged about!

Not to self – must make more of an effort with visual gift giving!

My amazing mother made me this fantastic birthday carrot cake.

Unbelievably this is the first carrot cake I have every tried. This is because the words carrot and cake doesn’t sit well together in my head, with me as a parent Ethan didn’t really have a chance with his eating habits but I have come such a long way with all the things I now eat so we are getting better. 
This cake was amazing, my mum really should open a tea a cake shop, and Ethan also enjoyed it. We also had to sing Happy Birthday twice and light the candles both times as Ethan loved that bit the most.
My birthday carrot cake got me thinking, what over vegetables would we be able to put into cakes to coax Ethan and me into eating them?!

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