Nanny’s EGG-ceptional Easter Cakes

Nana and Pappy finally got to visit us yesterday after having to cancel the trip three times before because of illness and snow. This meant that they missed out on my amazing birthday cake so my mum decided that she would do some more baking. This is what she made for us…


It was a fantastic chocolate fudge cake and lots of mini cupcakes. 

The fudge cake was amazing, so moist and not sickly. 

Ethan was fascinated by the Easter Bunnies on top of the cakes and because he was unsure, no angel slices in sight, he wouldn’t try a cake at first. He just kept one of the cakes with an Eater Bunny on in his sight and finally decided to eat it after a few hours. 

Thanks again mum for all your hard work the cakes were enjoyed by all. 

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