Ethan’s Silly Sock Day 2013

Today Ethan wore Silly Socks to raise money for Autism Anglia and awareness of autism. He did amazingly well with his sponsors and has raised £305 for the charity. We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored him we are overwhelmed by your generosity and support. 

Ethan has been wearing his sock’s all day and this is how he got on. 

It was Ethan’s nursery day today so we were up bright and early and Ethan had his socks on and ready to go. 

Every time Ethan walked the eye’s on the socks made a noise, Ethan sounded like a Morris dancer. He thought it was very funny and run around the room in excitement. 
It was soon time to leave so we got in the car and set off to the nursery. 

They took some photos of Ethan in his class today wearing his silly socks.

It was soon time to collect Ethan from nursery and we headed off to the local supermarket to pick up some dinner. 

I put silly sock stickers on his hat to make people aware why he was wearing his socks.
Unfortunately it was so cold today that we had to change our plans of going for a walk along the seafront so we had to stay in for the rest of the afternoon. 
Ethan spent some time watching Mickey Mouse… 
…climbing on his truck…
…and taking his zebra for a spin.
Ethan enjoyed wearing his silly socks today and I’m so glad we took part in this event to raise money for a fantastic charity.

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