Our 2019 Pumpkin Carving at Orchard Cottage

Our 2019 Pumpkin Carving at Orchard Cottage

Since 2013 we have carved pumpkins with our children. Well, we did miss 2017 due to being in Walt Disney World for Halloween, and last year we decided to paint them. This year we were away for Halloween with our friends. We knew that we wanted to celebrate Halloween during our break and that included carving a pumpkin. So what did we create for our 2019 pumpkin?

Where Did We Get Our Pumpkin From?

We couldn’t buy our pumpkin until the 31st of October. I had found a pumpkin patch that was local to Orchard Cottage but we just didn’t find the time to fit in a visit. We would have to buy our pumpkins from the supermarket this year. Now at home, this wouldn’t have been an issue! Our local supermarkets would still have pumpkins available to buy on Halloween. This isn’t the case in Ilminster. There were no pumpkins available to buy in the local supermarket. Thankfully during our visit to Pip’s Railway Carriage Cafe, I noticed that The Trading Post Farm Shop had pumpkins for sale. We were in luck, they still had some available. We were going to have organic pumpkins this year!

darren pumpkins trading post farm shop our 2019 pumpkin carving

Our 2019 Pumpkin

As always Darren was in charge of the pumpkin carving. Ethan watched on but Little E was too busy playing with her friend to come and watch the pumpkin carving.

darren ethan our 2019 pumpkin carving

Darren opted for his trusted Jack-o’-lantern look. I think he was very proud of his efforts.

darren jack o lantern
jack o lantern our 2019 pumpkin carving

We didn’t have any tea lights to place in the pumpkins this year. We forgot to pack them and in our pumpkin finding mission, they weren’t on the priority list. That wasn’t a problem as our 2019 pumpkin had a very different home this year.

jack o lantern orchard cottage fireplace

Our pumpkins home for Halloween was sitting by the cottage fire. We had a lovely experience celebrating Halloween at Orchard Cottage.

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