Prepare Your Kids For Moving Day Like A Pro

Prepare Your Kids For Moving Day Like A Pro

Moving day can strike fear in the hearts of children and parents alike. The issue is that kids can make the day very difficult if you don’t handle the situation carefully – and kids can think the world is ending. However, there’s no need to worry if you have a move on the horizon. All you have to do is prepare your kids for moving day – and you can do that like a pro with the advice here. Take a look!

Explain The Process In Advance

Start simply by explaining the process. Make sure you explain it in a positive way so that they get excited. Don’t miss out any details. Explain how you’ll pack, how your stuff will get to the new place, and more. The more you explain the process, the less scary and foreign the idea becomes to them. They may be young, but they are certainly not stupid.

Take A Trip To Your New Home

If you can, plan a trip to your new home so that your kids can explore. You can then get them excited by talking about their bedrooms, where the TV will go, and more. At least show them pictures and let them ask any questions. They’ll feel so much better about knowing where they are moving to.

Make The Day Special For Them 

Make a special effort to make the day one to be remembered. Put on a happy face even if you’re stressed, and try to remain as positive as possible. Your attitude will rub off on them. Make them their favourite breakfast, and make some final memories in your old home. 

Let Them Get Involved As Much As Possible 

Your kids may be young, but see if you can think of ways to get them involved as much as you can. Looking for Moving Companies? Then look together and explain what they will help you with. You could also ask them to pack their own stuff or at least some of it. When the time comes to move and you need to triple check every room to ensure you haven’t left anything, get them involved there too.

Plan For Emotional Goodbyes 

If you’re moving a distance away, plan for some emotional goodbyes. Make sure your kids get the opportunity to say goodbye to their friends and family, even if you have visits planned. If you don’t have visits planned, then plan some. Plan some calls and Skype calls too.

Make Sure They Know They Can Talk To You

Make sure your kids know they can tell you about any worries they may have. You let them know this not only by the things you tell them but by the things you do. If you dismiss the things they say and tell them not to be silly, they will think twice about sharing any concerns with you. Be non-judgemental and understanding.

Put Together Emergency Boxes 

An emergency box can help you on moving day if you need to grab something fast, such as a charger or a toothbrush. Ask your kids what they would like in their boxes so they don’t cry for their favourite toy once it’s packed away!

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