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Our Disney VIP Character Breakfast on the Disney Magic

Our sailing on the Disney Magic to Norway was a seven-night sailing. This meant that there was an option to book a reservation at the Disney VIP Character Breakfast. This breakfast wasn’t an option when we sailed on the Disney Dream as that was only a four-night cruise. Having experienced Character Breakfasts in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris we wanted to experience a Disney Crusie Line character breakfast.

Our Disney VIP Character Breakfast on the Disney Magic

Booking The Disney VIP Character Breakfast

Just like the Frozen Meet and Greet and the Princess Gathering, the character breakfast is a ticketed event. This means that although they are free activities included in the price of the cruise you have to book your place. Booking is simple and can be done online when your cruise activities booking window opens up.

There were three character breakfast times available to book on our cruise. As we are now silver Castaway Club members, you get this status after completing your first Disney Crusie sailing, our activity booking window opened up 90 days before our sail date. If it is your first cruise the window will open up 75 days before. At 90 days the second date available for the character breakfast was already fully booked. This was for the second morning of the cruise, this left availability on the first and last mornings of our cruise. I opted to book the first morning of our cruise in the hope that our children might be sleeping in a little later by the end of our sailing.

Our Breakfast Experience

Our character breakfast was held in the Animator’s Palate restaurant. This restaurant can be found on Deck 4 of the Disney Magic. Just two floors up from our stateroom on Deck 2.

For our evening meals, we were placed on a table for four in the restaurants. This was something I actually requested on our booking as we wanted to make things easy for Ethan. As we entered the character breakfast another family was waiting to be seated. The head server asked us if we wouldn’t mind sitting on a table with them. We agreed as we didn’t see it causing Ethan an issue. It was actually a positive thing as we got to meet another family and the children were the same ages as ours.

Breakfast is ordered from the menu provided. There are so many items on offer but we all wanted Mickey Waffles and pancakes. Breakfast was very nice but you can never go wrong with Mickey-shaped food.

This character breakfast did feel a bit hectic. I’m unsure if this is because it was our first full day on the ship. Perhaps we hadn’t quite got used to the number of servers for meals? There were three people assigned to our table for dinner. Or it could have just been that all our previous character breakfast experiences have been buffet style. They only one that has been table service was the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast. It wouldn’t put us off booking another character breakfast if we ever got the chance to cruise on the Disney Magic again.

Who Did We Meet At The Disney VIP Character Breakfast?

Like all character breakfasts, the characters come round to the tables to meet you. In this restaurant, they ask you to stay seated to meet the characters. They would stand behind our chairs for the photos. I think this is because of a space issue and the number of servers that attend you. This was a new way for Ethan to meet the characters. It took him some getting used too.

There were three characters to meet during this character breakfast. They didn’t rush the interaction with us and they all took the time to sign both autograph books.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse was the first character to come and say hello to us. As you can see from this photo the children both jumped up from their seats.

ethan little e minnie mouse disney vip character breakfast disney magic


Goofy was next to visit, Little E found his whiskers fascinating. I actually got in a photo too.

jane little e goofy disney vip character breakfast disney magic
darren ethan goofy disney vip character breakfast disney magic

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse was the last character to visit our table. Little E gave him the most amazing cuddle. It was so lovely to see. Ethan loved meeting Mickey Mouse too, making sure he signed his name correctly in his book.

little e mickey mouse cuddle disney vip character breakfast disney magic
little e mickey mouse hug disney vip character breakfast disney magic
little e mickey mouse
ethan mickey mouse signing autograph
darren ethan mickey mouse

Both children enjoyed the VIP Character Breakfast. You can watch all of our interactions with the characters in the video below.

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