Time To Replace The Carpet On The Stairs

Time To Replace The Carpet On The Stairs

This past December marked us as having lived in our home for eight years now. It feels like only yesterday that we moved in! Lots of things have happened in the time, from Ethan’s diagnosis to becoming a family of four. We are definitely a different family unit from the one who stepped through that front door all those years ago. Over the past eight years, any spare money that we have had has gone on our family travels. We were waiting for things to be in place before we started revamping our home. We know we would like to add a conservatory to add some more space. Our carpet also needs to be replaced. We would like to use laminate flooring in our hallway and the carpet on the stairs needs a refresh too.

time to replace the carpet on the stairs

I’m no expert on choosing carpets as I have only ever replaced three in my lifetime. My parents, on the other hand, have had lots of experience when it comes to purchasing a new carpet. I asked them what three things we should be looking for when we purchase a new stair carpet.

3 Things To Consider When Replacing The Carpet On The Stairs

The Quality of the Carpet and How Hard Wearing it Will Be

Stair and hallway carpet is easily the most used carpet in the house. It has the most footfall as people use this area to get to the different rooms in the house. Because of this, it is best to buy a good quality carpet. Good quality carpets should be made to be hard-wearing. This will also make the carpet last longer.

The Carpet Colour

The colour of the carpet chosen to be used on the stairs needs to be taken into consideration. As the carpet has a higher amount of usage the colour choice is very important. A light colour carpet could easily mark and become dirty very quickly. This can also be said of a very dark carpet as it could attract lots of dust and fluff. This would be OK if you don’t mind regularly hoovering.

The Final Carpet and Installation Cost

Before you even consider the cost of the carpet you are buying it is good to be aware that the price of installing a stair carpet will be more expensive than a carpet for a room. The cost increases because of the amount of carpet cutting, fitting and time it takes to fit a carpet on the stairs.

Buying a good quality hard wearing carpet will also increase the overall cost. The carpet on the stairs needs to be seen as an investment piece for your home. It’s a piece of carpet that you want to last for a very long time. Although it could end up being one of the most expensive carpets you buy for your home. If the right carpet is chosen the number of years this carpet is in your home will outweigh the final cost.

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