Our Food Challenge - Fruit Purées

Our Food Challenge – Fruit Purées

Another big part of our personal food challenge is getting Ethan to eat more fruit. Now this can’t be done by just placing a piece of fruit in-front of him because if it is something that he doesn’t know or like the look of he just pushes it away and that’s it battle over. So I decided that fruit purées are going to have to be the way forward, that and me trying to eat more fruit as I’m not one to snack on an apple but perhaps it’s time I started. The Annabel Karmel book has been dusted off and is now ready for use. 

I had already made apple, strawberry and blueberry purées but this week I decided that we would try apple and blackberry.
Apple and blackberry purée


Apple and blackberry purée
I have been adding the purées into Ethan’s weetabix every other day if possible and at first he knew something was different and rejected the weetabix but he is slowly coming around to the different tastes. It also means we are using the fruit to sweeten the weetabix and not sugar which must be a bonus. 

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