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Our Little Lady Is Eight

Dear Little E, last week we celebrated your birthday. I still can’t believe our little lady is eight! I had a mini panic when I brought your birthday balloon, wondering what happened to six and seven. That’s the pandemic for you. Covid has stopped any birthday plans for the last two years. I hope we made up for it this year.

little e complete bibbidi bobbidi boutique make over disney magic stairs project 365 2021

You are still our feisty, independent little girl. You keep us on our toes, sometimes in more ways than your brother. Who you fiercely want to protect from the world even though he drives you crazy at times. You have a fear of making mistakes. I hope you come to learn that sometimes making mistakes is a good thing. You can learn from them.

little e holding tawny owl encounter with owls center parcs

At eight you are still passionate about animals. I try to embrace this love with animal adventures. This past year you have experienced an owl encounter and we have taken you alpaca trekking in Chelmsford. You also love going on adventures with us, I hope that lasts for as long as possible. I’m sure we won’t be cool to be seen with when you are a teenager.

little e wearing glasses first time

This year has brought with it the need for you to wear glasses. You must get this from my side of the family. They make you look so grown up. You also won a bronze medal for running in an athletics competition for your school. Being good at running comes from your dad. I can just about run for a bus. You also started street dance which you love and we got to watch you perform in your dance show.

little e holding bronze athletics medal

I hope you have enjoyed this past year. It has been great to see you experience some normality again. It’s weird to know this is the first full year of school you have been able to attend since year one was disrupted by covid. I really hope eight is a good year for you.

little e eight balloon

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