what to write in a funny 30th birthday card

What to Write in a Funny 30th Birthday Card

Boomf has a couple of funny 30th birthday cards up for sale. Visit their website to check them out, but now, let’s talk about the cards. They are not just regular cards. Not just because they are targeted at thirty-year-olds, or because they could. make you laugh. Their cards are highly sought after because they are chic, just the right price, and best of all, they are one hundred per cent original.

rip youth 30th birthday card

Yes, all the funny 30th birthday cards they have in stock are unique. They have their twist to them and the wording is also unique to them. One thing is guaranteed by buying 30th birthday cards from them, they will be very unusual and are sure to cause a laugh when presented to the birthday celebrant. 

What to write on a funny 30th birthday card varies for each person. But each card is comedic and that means before you buy it for anyone, you have to make sure that they have the sense of humour that goes with receiving a witty 30th birthday card. They can be given to mainly friends and family or colleagues at work depending on the relationship you have with them. 

We know you already have the right ideas of what to write on their funny 30th birthday card because you are the one in the friendship or related to them. But this is just to kind of just get inspiration to get all your words down. 

So for your witty friend’s birthday, here are some ideas on what to write on their card. 

What to Say in a Funny 30th Birthday Card

  1. Prayers and wishes for them: if they have some goals and ambitions you already know about, here’s your chance to tell them that you remember.
  2. Tell them you want them to laugh every day of their lives, the way they did when they read the first age of the card.
  3. Comment something about their smile or laugh that made you just want to make them laugh on their birthday. 
  4. Thank them for having the best humour for getting the joke on the card.
30th birthday card design

Where to Order a Funny 30th Birthday Card

Ordering a funny 30th birthday card would never be difficult with Boomf. They have simplified the process on their page and everything that will be needed to complete your order and have it in humour hands happen within a few days. That is to say that there will be no delay or mix-up.

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