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Our Siblings During August 2020

I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of September and I’m yet to write about what our siblings got up to in August 2020. The return to school runs, juggling work, and all the latest Covid-19 updates have taken their toll. But I finally have time to share our sibling’s August adventures.

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For our siblings, August 2020 started in Disneyland Paris. We made a last-minute dash for some Disney magic, driving to France for the very first time. I’m so glad we did as the new travel restrictions mean we have no idea when we will be able to return. It was a very different Disney experience but we still had lots of fun being able to spend this time together.

ethan little e emu like dinosaur roarr dinosaur adventure

We got the chance to take the children to Roarr Dinosaur Adventure. This is somewhere I have wanted to visit for a while. Our siblings had a great day there putting all the dinosaur attractions to the test. Ethan made me aware that we wanted to go on the High Ropes. When the time came he refused to go across the ropes and bridges. This left me tackling them all by myself!

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Our siblings also got to experience their first-ever family holiday to Butlins. We booked a weekend stay at the Ocean Hotel and the children loved every minute.

little e ethan butlins deck chair august 2020

They got to experience some of the Butlins shows, the swimming pool, and Sir Billy’s Fairground. Ethan did find the first day quite hard and we did have a few meltdowns. This was partly because of the Covid-19 precautions they had in place for the rides. This caused long queues which distressed him. He was also excited about our holiday, along with the change of routine, which can easily bring on meltdowns.

ethan little e laa laa siblings August 2020

Little E loved everything about Butlins. She really enjoyed herself and got really upset that we had to leave. Crying before we left and for a whole week when we returned home. She asks most days when can we return.

ethan little e scooters lake siblings August 2020

Whilst I worked around our August adventures Darren continued to look after our siblings. He took them out on their bikes and on scooter walks. Keeping them busy as much as possible. After such a weird year it was great to have a bit of normality in August.

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