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Our Siblings During January 2021

January 2021 brings with it another lock-down for our siblings. This means we are staying at home again to stay safe. Meaning the schools were closing again and we have to learn from home.

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Ethan is really struggling with the school’s closing. At the end of the school term in December Ethan’s teacher told the children to have a good Christmas and she would see them on the 5th. This is all Ethan is repeating. His teacher said they would go back on the 5th. There must be something wrong. He even spoke at Boris Johnson when he was on the TV. Asking him if he could go back to school. Ethan has picked up from the news that schools are aiming to open on the 8th. I’m not sure this will happen. I will have to deal with Ethan’s upset about that nearer the time!

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Little E likes being at home but she is missing her friends. She plays a game on the iPad that allows her to talk to other players. I’m not 100% happy about it. I know that the app doesn’t accept swear words in the chat. And she narrates what is going on without realising. This means I’m aware of what is being said. As much as it’s against my better judgment she believes she is playing with her friends. At the moment if that is helping her mental health I will let the game playing continue.

little e ethan swan river

When Darren is at home and at the weekends we are getting our siblings out and about locally. January 2021 has been full of scooter walks. There have also been many visits to feed the ducks.

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Ethan is really unsettled at the moment but his sister has been helping him where she can. They have both been playing Block Craft on the iPad together. It is lovely to hear them ‘talking’ together about the game. If anything these lockdowns has grown our sibling’s bond. I’m sure the time they have spent together is also helping Ethan developmentally. Even though these lockdowns are also highlighting Ethan’s autistic traits.

ethan little e laying sofa playing block craft January 2021

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