Project 365

Project 365 2015 Week 14 Days 88-94

A photo a day, every day, for a year!

Day 88

It was a day for housework and sorting things out so a lazy day for the children. This meant they watched CBeebies together with dinosaurs!


Day 89

We spent Monday running around getting shopping and paying bills. I took a quick mother and daughter selfie before going on the nursery run to collect Ethan.


Day 90

My Mother’s Day flowers lasted for nearly two weeks. We liked having the flowers on our table so he brought some daffodils with our shopping yesterday.


Day 91

I walked into town today for baby group, because of one thing or another I haven’t been for over a month. Little E really enjoyed it. It was nice seeing all the flowers that are appearing in the park on the way home.


Day 92

It was Ethan’s last day at nursery yesterday and I think everything caught up with me as I lost my voice and started to feel unwell today. I had a day on the sofa and captured a lovely moment of the children together. Little E adores her brother and has been laughing at him whenever he is near all week. He actually sat with her for ten minutes and ‘played’ with her toys.


Day 93

Still no voice for me and feeling unwell so another lazy day. Little E has been clapping her hands for a while and I finally captured a photo of it today.


Day 94

Our BRIAN from arrived today, Ethan quickly put him to the test!

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