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Project 365

Project 365 2015 Week 2 Day’s 4-10

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This year I’m taking part in Project 365. My aim is to take a photo a day every day this year. Creating a photo diary of what we get up to during the year. This is my post for the year 2015 Week 2, week one can be found here. This was a week of toy sorting and we also went to see a circus show.

Project 365 – 2015 Week 2

Day 4

frosty spiders web

It felt like I spent most of the day in the kitchen preparing our food for the week, and Little E’s weaning food. Every time I was at the kitchen sink I spotted this cobweb in the frost on Ethan’s slide, so I thought it fitting that it was my photo for today.

Day 5

ethans toys bedroom

With Ethan at nursery, it was time to sort out the toy shop we call his bedroom. For someone who doesn’t know how to ‘play’ with toys, he hasn’t done that badly. He still had all of his baby toys as that is the level he enjoys and understands playing at. We decided that it was time to part with some of them. Little E is quickly getting her own collection and we needed to make room for the Christmas gifts. This was my Monday job and the nursery received a nice donation from us on Tuesday, unbeknown to Ethan!

Day 6

ethan little e playing vtech toys

The sort-out continued, I can see this being the theme for the month, to be honest, and today we sorted out some of Little E’s presents. This was a lovely moment to capture as Ethan has been teasing Little E with her new toys, they played with this one together.

Day 7

colchester castle through trees

Time for the weekly walk into town for the baby group passing the castle on our way.

Day 8

jane little e cuddles 2015 Week 2

Our plans for the day changed because of the weather so we were all stuck inside for the day. Whilst Darren kept Ethan busy I had some baby cuddles. This is very rare due to the madness of the house and Little E is growing so quickly. I don’t want to miss this time!

Day 9

Little E has had a few rough days, we think she is teething. So in an attempt to keep tears at bay before dinner, this happened!

darren ethan little e piggy back 2015 Week 2

She only laughs at Ethan and we were sitting her on his shoulders and making him run up and down the hall. She found this very funny, Ethan on the other hand was a little bored by this point. This was about the eighth time of them doing this and me trying to capture a photo. As you can see the iPad is far more interesting to Ethan at this point!

Day 10

acrobatics circus starr show 2015 Week 2

We were given tickets to see Circus Starr today. Ethan really enjoyed the show and clapped along with everyone.

Week 3 of Project 365 for the year 2015 can be found HERE.


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