Project 365

Project 365 2015 Week 4 Days 18-24

A photo a day, every day, for a year!

Day 18

It was Darren’s birthday on Monday so on Sunday, whilst Grandpa and Grandma were visiting, my mum cane round with a birthday cake and Darren’s gift. She had knitted Darren a jumper and also made one for Ethan so they matched.


Day 19

It was Darren’s birthday today but he had to go to work. So whilst Ethan was at nursery and Darren was at work I had some bonding time with Little E.


Day 20

On Tuesday afternoons Ethan has BounceAbility I wanted to take a photo there but I didn’t get a chance. So today I opted for a sky photo.


Day 21

Whilst Ethan was at nursery we decided to celebrate Darren’s birthday by having lunch at Frankie and Benny’s. We have said for ages that we wanted to eat there and always talked ourselves out of it. When we arrived Little E was asleep, she did wake up after I took this photo and was really good during our whole meal.


Day 22

We visited Colchester Zoo this morning so that Ethan could burn off some energy. He can go a little stir crazy on his non-nursery days!


Day 23

We had been preparing Little E’s next stage weaning food today so Ethan had an iPad day. Before dinner I got out the Duplo, it looks like they both enjoyed this even if Little E needed some support.


Day 24

Today Little E started the next stage in her weaning journey. She is meant to start drinking water from a beaker, she wasn’t impressed. She also tried Petits Filous, she preferred this new option!

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