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Project 365 2022 Week 11 Day’s 71-77

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2022 Week 11. This is the week that covid caught up with Little E. After avoiding it for two years it is her turn. I knew it would happen just before the rules change on April the 1st. I have a feeling we might all get a positive by the end of next week. She has been a close contact so many times, her class has been closed down because of covid but she always missed it.

Thankfully she hasn’t had it too badly. Just a bit off one day and her food choices and eating has been all over the place. She needs to test negative on Monday and Tuesday to be able to go back to school. But as her test is still showing as a strong positive I think she will have to wait the full ten days before she can return.

Project 365 – 2022 Week 11

Day 71

turning red disney plus homepage

Yesterday it was the premier of Turning Red on DIsney+. Little E was so excited to watch it. I had an idea it was a teenage coming of age film and I totally missed the age recommendation of 9+. I was totally taken aback when his film had a reference to starting periods and also showed pads. It isn’t a bad thing I just wasn’t prepared.

Little E watched the film a few times again today. No questions from her about the pads she is more freaked out about the boy liking references. She has however asked the question now. As much as I didn’t want to be having the conversation at the age of seven we had a brief small child-friendly chat. I didn’t want to lie to Little E about anything. Always telling her lying is my biggest bugbear. I always want the truth from her no matter how bad it is.

Day 72

ethan little e bronze elephant spitalfields market

We travelled into London today as we had press tickets for the Van Gogh The Immersive Experience and Titanic The Exhibition. We spotted bronze elephants in Spitalfields Market. Of course, we had to take some photos.

Day 73

garden gnome

A new friend appeared where we park our cars today. I had to take a photo as he made me smile.

Day 74

little es positive covid test

We have been testing in the mornings as both Little E and Ethan are having covid outbreaks in their classes. After school Little E said she didn’t want to go in tomorrow and didn’t want to eat her dinner. I did a covid test and there was a very faint line. This is the second one I took swabbing her throat and nose. The line was clearer if still a little faint. Que emails being sent to schools, ballet lessons and Ethan’s transport.

Day 75

three lateral flow tests one positive project 365 2022

Testing us all again this morning before getting Ethan ready for school. Just Little E testing positive at the moment.

Day 76

little es positive covid test before control test strip shows 2022 Week 11

Little E’s positive test line comes up very quickly this morning. It shows up dark red before the control line even appears. Ironically she had a bit of an off day yesterday and from today she has been as bright as a button and very bored!

Day 77

ethan wearing blue ravenclaw jumper 2022 Week 11

Ethan’s school had a non-uniform day today. They all wore blue and yellow to show support and raise money for Ukraine. Little E missed out on her day which was quite upsetting for her.

That was our 2022 Week 11 adventure. You can read about week 10 here.

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