orange rose project 365 2023

Project 365 2023 Week 32, 33 & 34 Days 217-237

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2023 Week 32, 33 and 34. The summer holidays are in full swing which means we are juggling looking after the children around our jobs. The children had some lazy days where they had to be on their iPads whilst I worked. They also spent one day a week in their club and Little E spent some days with her school friend.

Project 365 – 2023 Week 32

Day 217

wet rainy garden project 365 2023

Summer holidays and it rains! Typical British summer. I’m sure the same thing happens every year. We have beautiful sunny weather in the last weeks of school then as soon as they are at home it rains!

Day 218

lego groot project 365 2023

Ethan finally let us build one of the LEGO sets he got for Christmas. He has to do them when he is ready. This one is too complicated for him. So he looks for the pieces we need and I put them together.

Day 219

ethan little e scooters brightlingsea project 365 2023

Darren was at home today so he took the children to Brightlingsea for some fresh air.

Day 220

orange rose project 365 2023

This is my yellow rose. This head has come out a different colour which I really like.

Day 221

ethan tea towel on head project 365 2023

Apparently, this is how we roll this summer!

Day 222

double headed yellow rose project 365 2023

My yellow rose got a second bud which was a different shade of yellow. I think the lighter colour is what it should be.

Day 223

janes hand holding prime bottle project 365 2023

Little E wanted to try Prime. They finally got some in our local shop. I didnb’t like the smell of it so I didn’t try it. Little E liked it but we won’t be getting that many of them.

Project 365 – 2023 Week 33

Day 224

janes foot running pad 23.18 time project 365 2023

I managed to get a run in today.

Day 225

smiling ethan happy meal box head project 365 2023

We went into town today to do some school shopping. We stopped for lunch at McDonalds. Ethan modelled his Happy Meal box on his head.

Day 226

hepatitis b vaccine certificate ethan project 365 2023

Ethan was invited to have a Hepatitis B vaccine. They started them at school but the full course is three injections so I had to book this one. Ethan has been so brave when it comes to having injections. I didn’t know why he was invited to have this vaccine but I found out they give them to the children who attend SEN schools. It’s because they are at risk of being bitten by other pupils.

Day 227

darrens hand holding tempered glass sticker project 365 2023

Darren sent me this photo out of frustration today. He had to drive to the other side of London to remove this sticker off of a customer’s table. I have no idea why they couldn’t remove it themselves.

Day 228

air source heat pump project 365 2023

I ran this morning. It was hot! It was nice to stand by the fan to cool down when I was done.

Day 229

fates divide veronica roth book project 365 2023

I enjoyed the Divergent series of books. So I ordered some other Veronica Roth titles. The first one arrived today.

Day 230

chosen ones carve the mark veronica roth books project 365 2023

Two more Veronica Roth books arrived today. I’m going to start reading Chosen Ones first. This is meant to be the first Veronica Roth book for an adult audience.

Project 365 – 2023 Week 34

Day 231

janes hand holding mcdonalds caramel iced frappe car project 365 2023

We got a little treat on our travels today. We all love the caramel iced frappes. Well all of us but Ethan he doesn’t do cold.

Day 232

janes hand holding 99 ice cream clacton

We spent the day in Clacton-on-Sea today. I got us another sweet treat to help cool us down.

Day 233

darren little e selfie starbucks

Darren took Little E into town today to pick up her school shoes. They had to order her size when we went shopping for them the other week. They stopped for a treat in Starbucks whilst they were out.

Day 234

janes hand holding cinnamon raisin bagel pack

Darren picked some bagels up for my lunch. He got Cinnamon and Raisin ones by accident. We hadn’t tried them before. They were lovely toasted. They reminded me of hot cross buns.

Day 235

numbers car tyre

My mum came over today and thought she went down a pothole. Worried about her tyre being damaged I took this photo of her tyre to find a quote online to have it changed. Thankfully there wasn’t any damage and she didn’t need to change it.

Day 236

boots travel calm tablets

With our upcoming cruise, it was time to make sure I had my sickness tablets ready. I give these to Ethan too as I can’t be sure if he was seasick or not on our first cruise in 2017.

Day 237

grass hopper

On our way out today we spotted a grasshopper on our path.

That was our 2023 Week 32, 33 and 34 adventure. You can read about weeks 29, 30 and 31 here.

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