Project 366 2016 Week 5 + 6 Days 31-44

A photo a day, every day, for a year!

Day 31

We treated Ethan to a magazine out of his tooth fairy money, he picked a pirate one.


Day 32

Some iPad time before bed.


Day 33

Ethan gave us all stickers from his magazine. I wore mine all day, I actually also had one on my pyjamas that lasted through the night!


Day 34

Little E came up in a rash, this was the start of our hand, foot and mouth adventure.


Day 35

The start of everyone feeling a little poorly.


Day 36

Ethan brought home a star of the week award for maths and communication.


Day 37

Ethan started to feel poorly, we were in for a rough night.


Day 38

Ethan didn’t eat anything all day, we resorted to a McDonald’s for dinner to coax him into eating something.


Day 39

My cheeky little lady, after a rough week for her she was starting to feel a little brighter.


Day 40

Pancake day, my favorite day. Ethan isn’t so sure so we make him a pancake with Nutella every year which he always leaves.


Day 41

A lovely moment captured between my siblings.


Day 42

Little E is loving sitting at the table at the moment, so we did some drawing there today.


Day 43

Ethan brought me home a handmade Valentines card today.


Day 44

Ethan got a certificate in swimming today, he swam 25 meters with a woggle.

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6 thoughts on “Project 366 2016 Week 5 + 6 Days 31-44”

  1. A busy 2 weeks in your household! Hope the McD’s helped him to eat something, poor thing. Well done for both certificates, he did great 🙂 That Valentines Day card is beautiful. (366 late commenting!)

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