Riding the rides for the first time at Clacton Pavilion

Due to my work commitments we didn’t get to have any fun adventures over the Eater Holidays. When I knew that we would have the chance to get out on Good Friday we decided to take the children to Clacton Pavilion. This would give the children the chance to see the sea and also let Ethan go on some of the rides. We had some tokens left over from last summer that needed to be used.

It was only recently that we have been able to let Ethan go on the little car ride by himself. As we waited for his turn we debated if we could let Little E join him on the ride. She isn’t a thrill seeker like her brother, we discovered this fact on a trip to Chessington last year. We haven’t even attempted to try her on the rides outside of supermarkets after that. Being that she is only two it felt weird having this conversation as it isn’t one we had for Ethan at this age. The little cars had lap belts and the lady operating the ride said she would stop it if we felt Little E was getting distressed. So we picked a car for Little E and kept everything crossed that she would enjoy it. This picture says it all!

After a walk along the pier we went back to Clacton Pavilion so that Ethan could go on another ride. He picked the horses and Darren said he would go on with Little E as she said she wanted to go too.

It was lovely getting out of the house for those very short hours. Ethan was able to let off some steam and Little E got to experience new things. I’m really looking forward to this summer, on good days they are perfect company and play mates for each other.

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