Saying Goodbye To The Baby Bottles

When Ethan turned one we moved him from his baby bottles onto a beaker. I read somewhere that one was the right age to do this so we went with it. To be honest I was glad to see the back of the bottles as it was turning into quite  chore washing them everyday. But with Ethan it was different, he still needed us to hold his beaker for him so I didn’t see it as a very big step.

With Little E I knew it would be different. Moving her from the baby bottles would officially make it feel like she was no longer a baby. It feels like she has grown up so quickly already! We both knew this change needed to be done but didn’t really push it like we did with Ethan. We also make this move at the same time we move over to cows milk, this is something we wanted to do sooner rather than later.

So we have said goodbye to the baby bottles and Little E adjusted to the move, including the cow’s milk, very quickly. She can now hold her new beaker all by herself and we are officially redundant!


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