The Quad Bike

Ethan has a quad bike, he has had it for a few years but has needed lots of support to work out how to use the pedal to make it go.

Last week when we went to Old MacDonald’s Farm, Ethan wanted to go on a little tractor but I couldn’t get him to understand that he needed to keep his foot on the pedal. Queue me running along side holding his foot on the pedal!


We decided to get Ethan’s quad bike out to help keep him busy over the holidays. Ethan got on the quad bike and knew how to use the pedal right away.


We now have to work on steering  as Ethan just drives in straight lines and crashes into the fence!

I would love for Ethan to be able to drive the cars at Legoland but have never felt he would be able to because of the support he needs. I’m wondering if next time we go we should let him try.

4 thoughts on “The Quad Bike”

  1. This sounds like loads of fun! Well done, Ethan! Hope he does get to drive cars at Legoland! #SSAmazingAchievements

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