Saying Goodbye To Year Two

Yesterday was a big day for our little superstar as it was time to say goodbye to year two. In September Ethan will be moving from the infant section of the school into a junior class. Now Ethan isn’t the only child that will be ending their time in year two this week but we are on a different journey than most. This move will be the first time he has changed class and teacher since he started at his school two and a half years ago.

I was sad about this change as his teacher and class have been such a support to our family. They have helped Ethan in so many ways since he started school. He started school with only a handful of words and we classed him as non-verbal. He is now pre-verbal and those two years feel like such a lifetime ago.  He is starting to read and write, something I never even considered possible two years ago.

We were so nervous when Ethan started school, hoping that we had made the right choice for our son. It is clear we have and I know that if we had taken a mainstream path we wouldn’t be where we are now. Getting his place at his school was a battle but it really was like winning the lottery. I know how lucky we are that our son is in a school that knows how to make him thrive and most importantly he is happy to attend.

Year two means lots of new challenges for our son and also lots of new experiences. I’m looking forward to finding out how he gets on, especially with the horse riding! I’m sure there are going to be ups and downs in September but we know that Ethan needs this change. The change will push his learning to the next level and that can only be a good thing.

4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To Year Two”

  1. A big change definitely for him but hopefully he’ll do well.
    D has had the same teachers for two years too, HT told me they always do that for start of KS3 and changes loom for her.
    By the time term ends, Ethan should have been shown his new classroom and met his new teacher, he might already know him/her so *fingers crossed* it will all go smoothly x

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