ethan little e 9 months old

Our Siblings During April 2015

It’s time for the April 2015 sibling’s post. I totally forgot about taking our photos until just before bedtime last night. Then with today being busy, and that I forgot to write this post, we tried to take another photo but Ethan really wasn’t in the mood.

So here it is our photo before bedtime.

ethan little e 9 months old

Little E is looking a little shocked but we got a smile out of Ethan.

This month Ethan has officially started school and we are in our first week of school runs and full-time education. Emotionally it has been quite hard for Ethan. Well all of us! He said goodbye to his nursery and his normal daily routine. It is quite challenging at first and it feels like a very long week but hopefully, Ethan is enjoying it.

With Ethan at school, it gives me more time with Little E. I will be able to do more things with her and get out and about more. We started a Sing and Sign course on Monday. Tomorrow brings with it our first mother and baby swimming lesson. I’m really looking forward to this time with her.

I think she will miss having her brother around. She is used to having him here and she does clearly adores him. Ethan has actually started school later than she should have. If he had gone to a mainstream school he would have started in September 2014. I have been grateful for the time that our siblings have had together. I’m also hoping that this time apart brings a better quality time for all of us.

So April 2015 has left us feeling a bit out of sorts at the moment, hopefully, next month we will have settled into a nice routine.


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