ethan little e 10 months old

Our Siblings During May 2015

I had high hopes for my May 2015 sibling’s photos. I was going to take beautifully posed shots on the pirate bed of the Legoland hotel. The reality was very different and it turns out both children are quicker than us! This was the result.

ethan little e laying down pirate bed legoland windsor hotel
ethan little e pirate bed legoland windsor hotel

So we resorted to the good old sofa shots which Ethan really wasn’t in the mood for. So here are our sibling’s photos for May. 

ethan little e 10 months old
ethan little e touching ipad May 2015
ethan little e watching ipad May 2015
ethan watching ipad little e touching ethans hair May 2015

Even though we couldn’t get Ethan to look at the camera and they are both clearly interested in the iPad. I quite like these photos as they really capture their relationship at the moment.

Little E clearly adores her brother. She is always trying to head in his direction, mostly to steal the iPad. Sometimes she will just want to touch his head.

Ethan tolerates her closeness, his cuddles for us are always given on his terms. Although he needs to have us close by he doesn’t like us to be too close. All contact is really on his terms. So Little E is pushing him out of his comfort zone and he is taking it quite well.

They have started to get into mischief together. They both now know how to work the buttons on the Sky+ box. Ethan likes to rewind it and Little E will turn it off or change the channels!

ethan little e pressing sky box buttons May 2015

This month was settling into his new school routine and he also turned five which meant we had a family weekend at Legoland. It was hard work for us. I don’t know who thought taking a nine-month-old to a theme park was a good idea, but they both enjoyed it.

Little E has really been enjoying her time with us. We are really seeing her personality now and she is turning into quite a cheeky monkey.

We have started lots of activities. Both children now have swimming lessons, and Little E has Sing and Sign and Baby Ballet. So we have all started to get very busy.

It’s lovely to watch their developing bond. As much as I know Little E will keep us on our toes, I can’t wait for them to be running around together. May 2015 was a real highlight for us all.

15 thoughts on “Our Siblings During May 2015”

  1. It’s so hard to get photos together sometimes isn’t it – one is always wandering off or not looking at the camera! Hope you had a wonderful time at Legoland. I love the photo of Little E stroking Ethan’s head and your comment about her turning off the Sky+ box made me chuckle – Sophie is a little pickle for doing this too and it drives Jessica mad! 🙂

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      She does love his hair lol. They do know how to keep you on your toes don’t they? I was hoping as she gets older it’s going to be easier to take these photos but I’m not sure sure it will be!

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I do love that they lookalike but I think Little E is looking more like her daddy as she is getting older x

  2. Aww they’re gorgeous together – and I’ve definitely found that when I’ve got a really cool set up in mind, that’s the day that nobody wants to have their picture taken!!

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I’m really hoping we can move away from sofa photos soon. I’m hoping we will have better luck in the summer x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Isn’t it fun trying to capture them lol perhaps as they get older it will get easier, I thinking in their thirties ;0)

  3. LEGOLAND! Actually, I really love those pics – especially as it looks as though you were dealing with some challenging lighting. And that pic of Little E stroking her brother’s hair is just too cute.

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      We only have a small front room window and it started to rain so come over very dark. All part of the fun especially when the camera doesn’t want to work because of the lighting!

  4. Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy

    Beautiful, I love the natural shots the best. Like you say you’re just capturing them being lovely and sweet together and showing their relationship. They remind me of my two youngest monkeys #siblings

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