Siblings August 2019

Our Siblings During August 2019

I know it’s the start of September and I’m now writing my August 2019 siblings post. But our August adventures didn’t end until yesterday and I wanted to share some of the sibling’s photos I took whilst away.

The start of the summer holidays was busy for Ethan. I had him booked into his school and after school respite. I also booked him in for a drama club but it didn’t work out well for him and we decided to leave the group after two days.

Ethan’s time at these clubs help us but they don’t help Little E. She misses her brother and doesn’t understand why we need him to go. This also means she gets very bored as I juggle work around having the children at home over the six weeks holidays.

To compensate for this I try to keep them busy at the weekends. During the first weekend of August, I had booked us into a Beach Hut at Walton-on-the-Naze. This is Ethan’s favourite thing to do. We also invited our friends and the children had a great time playing together.

The second weekend of August 2019 was the weekend that my niece got married. This meant that the children could stay in a Premier Inn for two nights in a row. This is like winning the lottery for my siblings!

ethan little e wedding day best

They both had a great time at the wedding and as everyone is aware of Ethan’s needs we really felt like we could relax. Even if Ethan just wanted to play with the doors all day.

On the third weekend of August, we were given an invitation to visit Port Lympne for the day. Our siblings had an amazing visit and enjoyed seeing all the animals they have there.

ethan little e port lympne playground

They also loved playing in the playgrounds and spotting all the dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Forest.

ethan little e t rex head port lympne

In the last week of August 2019, we went on an amazing Disney Adventure. We had kept it a secret for so long but Ethan discovered where we were going two weeks before by reading the calendar.

ethan little e disney magic cruise ship

We were going on a Disney Cruise to Norway! The home of Anna and Elsa. This was going to be our second attempt at cruising. Our second Disney Cruise and it pleases me to report our siblings loved it!

ethan little e norwegian troll stavanger norway

Norway is beautiful and our siblings visited places that we will probably never visit again.

ethan little e fjordsetet fjord seat geiranger norway August 2019

Ethan has struggled over the summer holidays. He has been very out of sorts and this continued on the cruise. He was very unsure when we got off the ship. This at times did cause him distress. I don’t think I prepared him well enough but it was new to me as well as him. He must have loved it though as he is talking about our next cruise!

ethan little e loen skylift norway August 2019

Little E had an amazing time on the cruise. It was because of her that we decided to give Disney cruising another go. She loved every minute of it and her favourite place was the children’s pool.

We are now on the return to school countdown. All new school items have been purchased and the new shoes are waiting to go. Ethan will be starting year five this year and Little E will be entering year one. I really hope the children have great school years and they both enjoy their learning journeys.

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