Our Siblings During December 2017

This month has been such a busy month for our siblings. All of the Christmas activities to attend at school and nursery make it a very busy month for us grown-up. Not to mention chatting to Father Christmas about what gifts they children would like. We have also had quite a few Christmas activities to attend some that we booked in advance and some that we were invited to.

We visited Marsh Farm so we could attend the Father Christmas Experience. Our siblings really enjoyed our visit and it would be somewhere we would like to take them again.

father christmas experience marsh farm decorating gingerbread men father christmas experience marsh farm mother christmas

We were also invited to Audley End House to visit Enchanted Audley End. Our siblings loved walking around the grounds and seeing all of the lights. I think their highlight was the rides they went on at the end.

Our third visit to see Santa this month was a visit to Colchester Castle. We have wanted to visit the castle since we moved here but we never found the right time to go. Now that we have seen inside the castle I think we might visit next year as Ethan might be ready now.

santa colchester castle

Our siblings are still in a good place with each other. For the moment Ethan isn’t snatching things from Little E like he had been. Sometimes it creeps in but we have been able to stop it. There have been moments of them playing together nicely. As long as they stay in this place they should have a good Christmas holiday together. I have a feeling that it might not last but Little E is really enjoying her brothers company at the moment. It is her reaction to Ethan’s snatching that really dominates how they play. If she isn’t in the right mood it will all end in tears.

Ethan is still really trying his best to talk to his sister during play. There is a lot of babbling mixed in with words but it feels like she understands what he is trying to say to her. At times we have no idea what he is trying to say but they get over that hurdle.

I really hope they have a good Christmas together this year. It feels like they might just be in the place to both understand it a little bit more. I’m sure we will have two very excited children on Christmas day.

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