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Our Siblings During January 2015

This past month has seen Christmas come and go. With it a change in our sibling’s relationship. This is how our siblings got on in January 2015.

Ethan finally understands the concept of opening presents. This meant that he wanted to open everything that was wrapped on Christmas morning. We tried to make him aware that Little E also had Christmas presents. Father Christmas even colour coded them. Little E had blue Frozen wrapping paper and Ethan had red Mickey Mouse wrapping paper.

Thankfully with Little E being so small, she needed help opening her Christmas presents. Next year might be an issue when Little E is ready to open her own presents.

ethan cuddling little e 7 months old

We then experienced teasing from Ethan. He found Little E’s gifts much more appealing than his own. Ethan would give her one of her toys but then take it off of her holding it above his head. He found this very funny and this new game has continued throughout the month.

He does keep taking her toys off of her and we are having to remind him that certain toys are hers.

Little E’s new toys have brought a few moments of them playing together. Ethan loves cause and effect toys, as that is where he is developmentally, and that is what baby toys are all about.

For the past few nights, they have also been watching In The Night Garden together. We thought this was something Ethan had grown out of but he is embracing it again and Little E looks like she is enjoying it.

ethan little e 7 months old January 2015

Little E will still only laugh at Ethan, no matter how hard we try to make her giggle. Must be something to do with their sibling bond. January 2015 has been a nice month but sometimes testing for us parents!


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