ethan watching ipad little e holding iphone

Our Siblings During January 2017

This month due to Darren’s shift patterns we haven’t had any weekends to get out and about. This means I have had to resort to our sofa sibling’s photos for January 2017. These photos were captured quickly with my phone so not the best quality.

ethan little e january 2017
ethan watching ipad little e holding iphone
little e giving ethan kiss

Little E was being quite affectionate to Ethan when I took these photos so I asked her to give him a kiss. I’m quite impressed that she was able to plant a kiss on his cheek. Ethan does not let you kiss him like this. A kiss to Ethan is touching heads, I have only been quick enough to catch him on the cheek a few times. Little E was obviously quick enough and caught Ethan off guard. I’m so glad I was able to capture this moment.

This month Ethan has been busy telling us the days of the week. It started before the Christmas holidays and has continued. He tells us what day yesterday was and what day today is. It is clearly something they are saying at school every day but he even gets the days correct at the weekends. Tonight there was even a day of the week song, clearly sung to the Adams Family theme tune with the clapping included.

Little E has been getting very vocal. Not only with the things, she says but she is now also telling us what clothes she wants to wear. Her favorite being the Olaf snowman jumper she is wearing in the photos. I’m not sure why she likes it so much but she wore it when we went to see Disney on Ice. I think she has made the connection to the jumper and the princesses. Little E is also into Pony’s at the moment too. A pony ride at Center Parcs might be to blame for this. So she also demands to wear her My Little Pony socks.

It has been nice to be back in a routine with our siblings in January 2017. A nice and quiet start to the year.

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