Our Siblings During July 2016

This month I tried and failed to get photos of our siblings whilst we were out and about. So today I captured a photo of them whilst they were playing in the garden.


A moment when they were both looking at the camera! This is the sequence that led up to that captured moment.


Poor Little E was in the perfect spot for Ethan to dump water on her.

Things are still rough in our sibling relationship, sharing is still a big issue. Little E is also very vocal when she isn’t happy with something that Ethan has done. So things can get quite hairy around here and we have even started to use the naughty step. During these rough moments there are also the good times when our siblings enjoy their interaction together. It fills like our days are full of highs and lows and I’m really hoping that this is a phase that we will quickly move on from.

This month Little E celebrated her second birthday, I can’t believe how quickly these two years have passed. We spent the morning at the beach but unfortunately we wasn’t blessed with good weather. It was lovely to see the children enjoying the beach together, you could see how much Little E had changed since our last visit in May. She was steadier on her feet and loved collecting shells this time. Ethan loved singing Happy Birthday to his sister and she loved the attention.

We took Ethan to Diggerland this month, it was lovely to spend time with him on his own. He really enjoyed his day out too. It’s coming to the end of the school year for Ethan and he is finding it hard. He knows his school routine is coming to an end and we are approaching the summer holidays. We have some respite days in place this year and I really hope this summer goes better than last.

As we approach the summer holidays I know that our siblings time together might be a little tough. We do have some activities planned and I really hope we get the weather this year for lots of garden fun. All I know is the summer holidays are always interesting in this house.

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