It’s The Summer Holidays!

It’s official, we are on our summer holidays!

It’s something I was dreading, and then I started to get excited about the prospect of having time off to enjoy with Ethan. Then last night the reality hit with a bump!

I was expecting the break from routine would push Ethan out of his comfort zone. My plan of action for the summer holidays is to implement my Keep Ethan Busy plan. Every week I have planned something for us to do. I’m making sure that everyday we get out one of Ethan’s toys so that we can work on his letters and numbers. I’m also hoping that there are going to be trips to the park. The theory behind this plan is if we keep Ethan busy he won’t freak out so much without his lack of routine. Also keeping him moving and you never know we might wear him out.

To visually prepare him I had a holiday planner made. The idea is that he is able to remove each days activity and see how many days are left until he will be going back to school.


The problem is I think Ethan is slightly freaked out. There has obviously been talk about the summer holidays in school and at home and I think it has unnerved him.

This made for a very teary Ethan last night before bed and we had a nightmare getting him to go to sleep complete with full-blown meltdown. Today he has been very clingy to me and even though the Aquadoodle was a hit, it was very intense. Ethan was directing where he wanted me to sit but we did have fun writing all of the different letters. There was also a few meltdowns and some real tears.

Ethan did mention his school quite a bit today and kept repeating one of the other boys names. I have no idea why, perhaps the Aquadoodle reminded him of school.

One day down, keeping everything crossed that things get calmer from here on in.

4 thoughts on “It’s The Summer Holidays!”

  1. I totally sympathise, today has been the longest day! I have lost count of the amount of times I have heard “I’m bored” today. It is difficult with trying to work from home too but I’m getting us out of the house from now on (weather permitting). He’s loves being outdoors, which makes life much easier!
    I hope that Ethan settles into the new summertime routine x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I do think the meltdowns are because Ethan isn’t sure what is expected of him. I’m hoping he will find it easier as the weeks get on. I do think getting them out and about really helps x

  2. Aw bless him a change can be so hard to deal with cant it, it looks like you have put lots in place to ensure he settles quite quickly. I hope you all have a great summer x

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