Our Siblings During March 2016

Due to last weeks events my siblings photos are a few days late this month. I did try to capture some photos of them sitting together on the sofa on the 15th but it turns out what used to be the easy option isn’t quite so easy anymore.

So yesterday we braced the cold and took our siblings out for a walk. Here are the photos I managed to capture.

Siblings_March161 Siblings_March162

We are getting braver now when we go out for walks and Little E is getting out of her buggy more and more but she still is very quick to run off. Darren was on hand to stop her whilst we were capturing our siblings photos.

This month has seen a change in our siblings interaction, I think the way Little E plays is changing and we have seen some lovely interaction between them. It started with them singing the same songs together during the half term. I say singing, it’s more of a vocalisation but they are both repeating the same songs. It started with the ‘Wheels on the Bus’.

There has also been chasing games going on but Ethan doesn’t understand when Little E has had enough. That is something we will have to work on.

There has been big changes for both of our siblings this month. Ethan started attending an after school club, which we think he is enjoying and Little E will be starting nursery earlier than we thought she would.

It has been an enjoyable month with our siblings, hard work at times but always worth it.

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