Little E – 20 Months Old

Dear Little E,

I’m sorry to say your update post is late again but it’s not because I forgot about you. Last week Grandad wasn’t very well so we were busy looking after him. You actually turned twenty months on Friday, I can’t believe how close to two you are now.


This past month I have a lot of photos of you in hats, you do love a hat. If ever there is one around it ends up on your head!


You can see from the above photos that you had a little accident this month. You fell over and caught the side of your face on a door frame. It is still healing and I’m really hoping you haven’t been left with a scar.

This month you have been vocalising lots of songs for us. You have been singing these with Ethan, it started with the ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and there is also ‘Timmy Thumb’ being sung. I did think I started to hear the ABC song being sung the other day but I’m not 100% sure.

We also went to see Mister Maker and the Shapes Live in the half term holiday and you really enjoyed it. You loved dancing along with the shapes.

This month we have also moved you from using a beaker to using a cup. You have always been interested in our cups, and after the Tommee Tippee news this month it felt like the right thing to do.


We also managed a visit to the zoo and we took you to see real fish, you love fish as it’s a word you can say. I love this photo I captured of you, you were so excited.


We visited nurseries this month as we have talked about you starting in September. We loved one of them so much that you will actually be starting in April. When we visited you were off and playing right away I know you will love your time there.

I don’t think you have any new words this month but we have had some ‘Did she just say?’ moments. You have been putting two of the words you have together. You will now say ‘Bye Daddy’, ‘Bye Fish’, ‘Bye Star’, ‘Bye Ball’ and ‘Bye Bubbles’. You can say juice, cheese and banana (nana) too. You are still very interested in looking for the moon but we haven’t seen it in the garden for the past few weeks.

You love sweet treats too so I’m sure you will really enjoy Easter. I feel we will have to keep an eye on that sweet tooth of yours!

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