ethan little e bike riding siblings may 2020

Our Siblings During May 2020

May 2020 brought with it another month of lock-down. Our routine was pretty much the same. Darren was at home helping with our day to day stuff. Making sure we were all fed and watered. I was working which left Darren to entertain the children. His aim was to take them outside for a walk once a day whilst I worked.

ethan little e scooters siblings may 2020

Ethan celebrated his tenth birthday in lock-down. It was on VE Day which meant I didn’t have to work. His birthday was celebrated with an afternoon tea in the garden. Delivery was from a local tea shop that has been on our bucket list to visit for ages. We also spent the day playing with his new Thomas The Tank Engine train sets. Thankfully all of Ethan’s birthday gifts arrived on time.

Ethan did really start to struggle in May. He kept asking when can we go on adventures or when are we going in the car. None of these questions we could answer for him. To help his uncertainty Ethan really controlled our day to day routine. He was quick to meltdown and we had to start writing out a plan for him. This gave him a plan for the day.

ethan little e feeding ducks siblings may 2020

Little E is loving being at home. But she is really struggling with homeschooling. We have said yes to her possible return to school. She is year one which means she is one of the groups of children that are able to go back to school. I am worried about the virus. I also worry about what the extended time at home is doing to her confidence.

ethan little e bike riding siblings may 2020

May 2020 did see a big change for our siblings. They both learned to ride their bikes without stabilisers. Our goal was for Little E to learn how to ride her bike on two wheels. Ethan decided to surprise us and can now ride his bike on two wheels. Not to be beaten a week later Little E joined the two-wheel riding fun!

Our siblings have really enjoyed feeding the ducks this month. Ethan used to love feeding the ducks. Our trips to the ducks had to stop. It started to become too dangerous to take them both. It is something that Ethan gets very excited about. We would have to make sure his jumping excitement didn’t end up with him in the river. At the same time as keeping our toddler safe. This month we have been feeding the ducks again and Ethan is more aware of the danger. We can now tell him to stand back and he listens to us. Little E loves animals. It has been so nice to be able to take them to feed the ducks again. Even though some parts of May were harder than others, May 2020 has been a pretty good month.

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