Happy Birthday Ethan!

Today is a very special day for us as we wish you, our little superstar, a very Happy 3rd Birthday. 

Where has that time gone? It feels like only yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital, the hospital that I couldn’t wait to leave and at one point we never thought we would be able to get out of because as daddy was about to put the ticket in the machine to exit the car park the wind caught it and it blew away. This led to daddy chasing the ticket down the road, he caught up with it in the end. Thankfully it turned into a very funny moment but it could have turned out a lot worse!

You decided that you wanted to make your appearance into the world early and I went into labour at 39 weeks pregnant but that was where your eagerness ended as I then had to endure a 26 hour labour. Lots of begging from me and an emergency c-section later you arrived and six minutes past nine in the morning and our world changed forever…

…you made us a family.
You weighed 8 pounds six ounces which I know isn’t classed as a small baby but you were so tiny to us, I took this picture so that we could remember just how tiny you were.
At one you had just learnt to sit up but you had been on the move for a few months with a very speedy commando crawl. You have a fantastic laugh and an amazing sense of humour.
At two we knew you were a little thrill seeker and treated you to a trip to legoland. You love going out and about on adventures and we love sharing the new experiences with you.


Now you are three we are aware of the extra support you need but you are teaching us so much about how you see the world and so much more about ourselves.
You surprise us everyday and we are so proud of everything you do.
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