Parents Evening November 2016

This evening we attended Ethan’s parents evening and I was hoping that we would get reports of all of the progress we have been noticing recently. His teacher confirmed that Ethan is doing really well with his letters. He can recognize both upper and lower case letters and can tell you the sounds they make. We also think that Ethan is learning how to read and this was confirmed. We have even spotted Ethan having a go at reading his books.

Another thing that we have spotted is that Ethan has started to write his own name. I’m very excited about this and I’m hoping that Ethan will be able to write his own name in the Christmas cards this year.

Ethan is starting to meet the targets that have been set for him, and some new targets that have recently been set because of the progress he had made. There are also nice bold I’s next some of his targets, this means that he can do some of these things independently.

There is slight concern with Ethan not wanting to end his computer time easily. They like them to have free play but Ethan shows very little interest in toys. This isn’t news to us as he has never really had time for anything other than his iPad. I do worry about this but the iPad has taught him so much in regards to letters, numbers and colours. At the moment Ethan is using his free play to push a dolls buggy around the class room.

We also talked about Ethan’s future class. Next September Ethan will have to move up a class, meaning lots of change for him. I’m worried how this will affect him as he is such a sensitive soul. His new class won’t be decided until nearer the time but he will get the chance to visit it before the summer holidays.

All in all it was a very positive parents evening. I have never put any expectations on what Ethan would learn on his school journey, I just want him to be happy. Anything he learns along the way is just a bonus for me.

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