Sometimes It’s The Small Things – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

Sometimes when you are having a really bad day something small happens that brightens it up more than you could have ever imagined!

There have been a few small changes happening in our house over the past few weeks that have really put a smile on our faces, and they are the following…

  • Every time my phone beeps, because of activity on twitter, Ethan will now bring my phone to me. This is something he has never done before, it just shows you I must be on my phone too much!
  • When the postman puts letters through our door Ethan will now run and get them to give to us. He even did this in the middle of our Key Worker appointment. We never asked him to do this he has just decided it is his job. 
  • Ethan will now kick his legs in the bath when asked. This is a massive thing as it took Ethan over a year to learn how to move when swimming. Even then he wouldn’t kick his legs in the bath. I’m really looking forward to see if he will do this in his swimming lesson this week.   
  • The one that melted my heart, and something I touched on before in this post, last night and tonight I caught Ethan talking to his doggy friend on the phone. This time if was very different from before, he was actually babbling down the phone and walking around just like I do when I am talking on the phone. Such a fantastic thing to watch, I was even able to take a photo of him doing it. 

11 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s The Small Things – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. I truly love these posts Jane and really look forward to reading each week. There is always brightness in the small things. I can just picture him running for the post. My wee man get’s very excited about the postman coming and I’m really not sure why or where it came from.

  2. I love the way all kids just adore phones!Mini is always grabbing mine and having a right old natter with whichever imaginary character is on the other end!Would love to know what she’s blabbing about!

  3. It’s wonderful Jane! Sorry I am getting to comment so late, it’s been crazy around here, but that’s wonderful for you! He is making such great progress 🙂

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