The Special Needs Dentist Check Up

Last week brought with it a special needs dentist check up for Ethan. After our break through visit in April when Ethan had a toothache we have gone backwards again in our teeth battle. Ethan has been putting up a fight again when we have to brush his teeth. We have had to basically start our brushing journey again as he decided he doesn’t like his electric toothbrush anymore. He also decided that he didn’t like Darren brushing his teeth. We have had to slowly find something that works for Ethan again. We also had an appointment at our family dentist in the summer holidays that really didn’t go well. Darren had to resort to holding Ethan in position on the dentist chair again.

As you can imagine I wasn’t looking forward to this appointment. Darren was working so I was on my own for this appointment. I wasn’t expecting Ethan to want to sit on the chair and he is too strong for me to hold in place now.

When I collected Ethan from school the TA that went with me last time offered to come with us again. With Ethan’s change of class this year I hadn’t been able to request any help as I wasn’t sure if I could. I was happy to have her help again and it was actually nice to get the chance to talk to someone in the school about Ethan’s new class.

Ethan was very happy on our journey to the dentist. He was very chatty with the TA and she was able to get information out of him that I would never had. On arrival at our appointment we had a little wait and Ethan kept himself busy walking around. He was very happy to be called in for his appointment and promptly sat in the dentist’s chair. I was speechless!

Not only did we have this big step the dentist was able to wear her gloves and put her finger in his mouth to count all of his teeth. Ethan normally hates the gloves and won’t go near a dentist if they wear them. He did bite her finger and thankfully stopped when we told him too. This didn’t stop the dentist she even used her mirror tool to look at his teeth. With that Ethan’s check up was over. There was no screaming, tears or fighting. Ethan gave the dentist a cuddle and even took the sticker she offered him as a reward. This too was something new as he doesn’t normally accept a sticker award.

Ethan was awarded the Star of the Day from his new teacher for how well he did at his dentist appointment.

star of the day

I can’t believe how well this appointment went, he must like this dentist more than our family dentist. He will go back in another six months. I hope our next appointment is a successful as this one.

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