Special Needs Dentist – The Sensory Appointment

Last week Ethan had another appointment at the Special Needs Dentist. This time we have been booked in for two sensory appointments before going back to see the dentist in the new year.

After our amazing appointment last time with the dentist, thanks to Monkey Wellbeing, I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting this time.

Ethan was in a very busy mood when we arrived and paced quickly around the room. I really didn’t think we would be able to get his attention or get him to follow any directions at all!

The nurse kept asking Ethan to sit on the chair. He remembered the game they played making the chair go up and down but wasn’t going anywhere near it.

The aim of these appointments is to get Ethan into the chair and see if he will show us his teeth. We all really thought that Ethan wouldn’t sit on the chair when suddenly he jumped up onto the chair. In that same moment he opened his mouth to show the nurse his teeth.

The nurse took this opportunity to ask Ethan if she could look into his mouth with the mirror. This is something we have been working on for years, no one has been able to get near Ethan with a mirror. Ethan only opened his mouth and let her look. We couldn’t believe it! It really was a blink and you will miss it moment but it was such a big step for him.

We left the appointment in shock, not believing what had just happened and so proud of our little superstar. We are keeping everything crossed that we have the same success with his next appointment.

6 thoughts on “Special Needs Dentist – The Sensory Appointment”

  1. This is AMAZING! Well done you and Ethan. We haven’t even dared to start this process yet, how did you find your SEN Dentist? Is there some directory I should be looking at? I also read about the Monkey Wellbeing and the electric toothbrush. Will definitely look at these! Thank you so much for sharing #SSAmazingAchievement

  2. Wow! What a great achievement Ethan – well done. We’re still using our regular dentist and that’s working OK at the moment thankfully. Glad you’ve found a dentist that understands Ethan’s needs xxx

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