Bonfire Night 2015

I love that we don’t have to worry about going to a planned event to see the fireworks on bonfire night. We literally just have to go for a short walk to see the fireworks from the local display.  This takes so much stress out of the situation for Ethan and makes watching the fireworks a very enjoyable experience for us all.

Little E did watch the fireworks with us last year, and I was excited to share them with her again. But as it was raining and she was very tired so she stayed at home with Darren.

This meant that I ventured out into the rain with Ethan on my own, thankfully it was only a drizzle at this time. Ethan did have fun jumping in the puddles as we waited for the fireworks to begin and jumping off at the other end.


I did misjudge the time that the fireworks started, so we did have a little time to wait but thankfully Ethan entertained himself by making a circuit of walking along a bench.

Ethan loved watching the fireworks and the big difference this year is that he could talk to me about them. He kept repeating ‘Fireworks mummy’.

Fireworks2015_2 Fireworks20151 Fireworks20152

We did have a bit of an incident with some other children as they quickly claimed a space on Ethan’s bench when he jumped off to start his circuit again. Ethan didn’t know what to do and I could see he was upset so I quickly moved him further down the path. I’m surprised that the parents didn’t say to the children that Ethan was there first. Ethan will have to learn how to stand up for himself in the future I suppose, it wasn’t the right time for that battle.

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