stylish libra outfits day-to-night elegance

Stylish Libra Outfits: A Day-to-Night Elegance

As the annual scales tip toward the Libra season, we’re once again reminded of all of the versatile elegance and pragmatic styling that this sign and season evokes in the northern hemisphere. Whether it is the changing of the autumn leaves or the cosy warmth of wool, this time of the year is about bringing balance to your wardrobe in terms of comfort, style, and cutting-edge fashion. No matter if you’re opting for seasonal staples such as denim jackets or merino scarves or if you’re pushing the envelope with streetwear, leathers, and big accessories, this time of the year is the perfect opportunity to show your Libra spirit with eclectic yet timeless outfits.    

Recommendations for the Fall Season

Broadly speaking, you’re going to want to stock your closet with staples that you can build out into multiple combinations. This means you need to come prepared with denim jackets, leather, lace, wool, lightweight and heavier knits, as well as a range of accessories in complementary colours. 

While the season often tilts towards autumnal browns, oranges, yellows, and beige, you can use contrast for a more cutting-edge look. For example, pairing light-coloured tops with stark contrasting bottoms, like in black, creates a dichotomy that draws the eyes to the silhouette and emphasizes any accessories you might attach to it. On the other end of the spectrum, there is the cosier, more casual look that emphasizes comfort and pragmatism over limning the individual with fabric. 

You may have heard of this curation method before. Some refer to it as a capsule wardrobe wherein multiple outfits are generated from a high-quality selection of beloved staples. From pairing colours appropriately to contrasting textures, the capsule approach is an excellent way to stay on trend this season.

stylish libra outfits day-to-night elegance

Key Elements You Need to Know About

Essentially, you want to look at your closet as a toolkit for assembling future outfits. In practice, this means that you shop with an eye toward multiple combinations. We recommend you start with staples and then work your way up to the more niche and couture. More often than not, the best outfits are those that follow the rules of simplicity, elegance, and timelessness. There are a few parameters you can use to help you maximize your wardrobe, with shapes and occasions being two among many classifications.  

If you’re nervous about pulling that off, or you’re worried that your outfit will blend you in with the crowd, then use your accessories to distinguish yourself. In this way, you can master the subtle art of framing an outfit as well as realize the power of simple accessories to transform mundane, pedestrian styles into something unique, individual, and compelling.   

The Importance of Functional and Adaptable Clothing in Fall

What you’re trying to create within yourself is an adaptable mindset that looks at elements and then places them into a coherent whole as an outfit. Once you realize that trends are not fixed and that rules are more fluid than they first appear, you can begin to build the confidence you need to put together stunning outfits that fit the occasion and the need. For this Libra season in the northern hemisphere, you want outfits that are warm but not too warm and textures that are adaptable but not stark and bright. Think light wool and denim jackets

Luckily for those who prefer comfort and utility over outright styling, the cosy trend is still in full force this fall and is an awesome way to pull off some super comfortable yet versatile looks. 

Again, going to the theme of balance, you want functionality paired with style and not the other way around. Always remember that it is impossible to look elegant if you are uncomfortable, no matter how expensive or well-made your outfit is. 

Practical Dressing Advice and Inspiration

The question then becomes where is a Libra to turn? How does one go about putting an outfit together? If you’re at the beginning and you don’t know where to go next, start an inventory of what you have. Then make a wish list of what you want. Compare the two and make sure there are as many complementarities between them as possible because this will maximize your total number of outfits (as well as your literal bang for your buck dollar return). When you take your inventory and you evaluate your wishlist, try to come up with adjectives or themes that describe each piece of clothing or group of clothes. 

You will start to notice trends emerge within your wardrobe that point to what you like as well as what you’re comfortable with buying. The next step is the most fun. As we have done in this article, look for guides and inspirations to help you put together new outfits using this analysis that you have performed. For example, you discover that you love denim jackets and streetwear, so you will need to find some influencers and fashion icons that adhere to this spirit. What you’re striving for is an “everyday” look that becomes your signature style. 

Whether you’re dressing for everyday events or more formal occasions, Libra season opens up a whole range of possibilities depending on your needs. As with all things in life, managing your wardrobe is a challenge between balancing your needs, what is currently fashionable, and what you are comfortable with wearing. Once you find the right combinations or foundation for your look, the rest will come more easily with time. 

DISCLOSURE – This is a collaborative post.

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