• Ethan

    Reading Christmas Books

    We know that over the past few months Ethan has been teaching himself to sight read. We catch glimpses of his knowledge when he is asking us the names of the different Sky channels and we get it wrong. Ethan is…

  • Ethan's First School Sports Day

    Ethan’s First School Sports Day

    Last week Ethan had his first school sports day. I was really looking forward to it. We attended his very first sports day at his nursery last year but it felt quite competitive. It felt like all the parents talked about…

  • Ethan

    Ice Skating At Lapland UK

    We were lucky enough to visit Lapland UK last week on their Superstar day. I was very excited that they have the option of ice skating in the elf village and knew it was something I wanted to do as a…

  • Ethan

    Building Confidence At Soft Play

    I hate Ethan’s anxiety, I hate that it has the possibility of stopping Ethan in his tracks. Stops him from enjoying himself, stops him from wanting to do things. I’m hoping we can work on it, I know this will be…

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