Ice Skating At Lapland UK

We were lucky enough to visit Lapland UK last week on their Superstar day. I was very excited that they have the option of ice skating in the elf village and knew it was something I wanted to do as a family.

To be honest I had no idea how this was going to work as I haven’t skated for years, easily over fifteen. Darren had only ice skated a handful of times, and then of course we have Ethan. Never ice skated in his life and obviously has other issues that could possibly turn it into a complete nightmare.

After working out that Ethan was interested in giving the ice skating a go by flapping his arms and jumping on the spot, we made our way to collect some boots.

The elf heard us trying to work out the best way to approach helping Ethan and keeping him safe. She informed us that we could go on the ice with our shoes. I have no idea if this is just an option for Superstar day but it was the perfect option for us.

We quickly put on Ethan’s double bladed skates and made our way onto the ice, collecting a penguin support as we went.

Ethan was trying to walk on his ice but it didn’t take him that long to work out how to slide his feet. It started out that we had to hold his hands on the penguin and hold him up by the back of his coat.

As he gained his confidence he learnt how to push the penguin round the ice by himself. We then let go of the penguin and just held him up by his coat. We were on the ice for easily an hour, Ethan was so confident by then we could just guide his penguin, within reason of course.  

Ethan absolutely loved his time of the ice, we may have found a new skill. Now I just have to find a way of recreating this experience for him, but considering there are no ice rinks near us I have no idea how to do this!

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  1. Wow Ethan did so well and confidence building tasks too, mean so much. Such a shame you have no ice rink near to you. There’s not many of them at all really through the country which is a pity. I grew up with one just up the road, still do and took it for granted. I’d love to take Toby to one of these kinds where they have the penguins to help you 🙂

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