Reading Christmas Books

We know that over the past few months Ethan has been teaching himself to sight read. We catch glimpses of his knowledge when he is asking us the names of the different Sky channels and we get it wrong. Ethan is very quick to correct us!

We know that they are teaching him high frequency words at school, and it is reported than he is doing very well.

We have been sent a bundle of Christmas books to review and Ethan has taken to looking through the books that feature Father Christmas. We are hoping that these books are helping to prepare him for Christmas.

Ethan attempted to read one of these books himself and through his babble and glimpses of what I thought was the odd word here and there Ethan clearly read out ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’.


I asked him to read it to me again and he did. It also wasn’t a one-off as he has read this out on a few different occasions.

I really hope Ethan acquires the life skill of reading as it will open up his world.

3 thoughts on “Reading Christmas Books”

  1. Catie: An imperfect mum

    HURRAY! What a smart cookie. This is exactly how my big lad read. Sight vocab. He is a visual learner. It looks like Ethan maybe too. How exciting and what a fab Christmas gift X

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